Student Classroom Assignments

Student Classroom Assignments
Posted on 04/25/2020
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Royal Oaks Elementary 2020-21 Student Classroom Assignments

Each spring, plans for the next school year begin to take shape. Classroom assignments for students are one of the important decisions that are made each year. Information from a number of people is used to make the most effective placement. Teachers who know individual students provide much of the information. Parents have insights about learning styles, personality traits, and out-of-school friendships of which educators sometimes aren’t aware. The purpose of this guide is to clarify the placement process at Royal Oaks Elementary School and to inform parents how to make the principal aware of the unique needs of their children.

What are the goals of student placement?
It is our goal to have all students in instructional settings that will allow them to learn as much as possible in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Classrooms are heterogeneous in their makeup – each class has a wide variety of talents, abilities, and interests. A well-balanced classroom is in everyone’s best interest. It is also our intent to match teacher strengths to student needs and talents.

Who is responsible for placing students in classrooms?
The principal is designated by the school board to be the final decision maker on student placement. Speaking from a practical standpoint, the principal is the one who is able to gather information from all available sources in order to make decisions which are appropriate for all students in the school. At Royal Oaks, student placement is done with the assistance of the staff. We will meet in May to begin the process of placing students in next year’s classrooms.

May parents help the principal make the appropriate assignment?
Parents may complete a Student Assignment Information form. Parents can inform the principal of the specific needs their child possesses so the most appropriate assignment can be made. Royal Oaks has a very strong staff. If parents can describe the needs of their child clearly, the principal will be able to match those needs with a teacher’s strengths. With several teachers at each grade level, it is possible to facilitate appropriate matches. You may print this form, fill it out, and then scan and email or take a picture and email to no later than Friday, May 8. Information provided by parents will be shared with classroom teachers. Please do not make specific teacher requests.  Forms identifying specific teachers will be returned to parents.

What criteria are used for placement?
There are many variables which affect the assignment process. Some of these variables are input from staff and parents, performance on assessment measures, a child’s work habits, study skills, learning style, daily level of performance, peer relationships, gender, and teacher style.

When are classroom assignments made?  
Tentative class lists are developed during May. They remain tentative through the summer months. In August, the principal weighs student movement into and out of the school. Balance is maintained between classrooms and the number of students in each class. At this time, we plan to share classroom assignments shared with families in mid-August.