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Important News from the Health Office
Posted on 08/31/2020
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**Important Information from the Health Office**

Welcome back!

The health office at Royal Oaks will be a little different this year to keep everyone safe and healthy.

It is more important than ever to keep your student home if they are feeling ill, and monitor their symptoms. This will help everyone stay safe and healthy.

The district will follow the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) guidelines to determine whether a student needs to be excluded from school. The guidelines state if a student has shortness of breath or a new and persistent cough, they will be sent home for at least 10 days. If a student has two or more other COVID-19 symptoms (as determined by MDH and does NOT have to include a fever), they will be sent home for at least 10 days

Along with sending the student home with the above symptoms, all siblings will be sent home for at least 14 days. Number of days excluded could change for each student. If they are diagnosed by a health care provider with an alternative diagnosis, documentation must be provided to the school. 

If your student is diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who is positive, please let us know immediately.

We will be limiting visits to the health office for Chapstick, lotion, and other nonessential items. Send a water bottle with your student because drinking fountains will be turned off, but the water bottle fill station will be on. Please keep an extra pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, and socks in your child’s backpack in case of an accident.

If your child requires medication, please bring it in the week of Aug. 31 through Sept. 3. After you bring your students for their transition day please drive around to the front of the building and come in the front door and  someone from the health staff will meet you. The medication forms are on the district website and will also be available here at school. We are able to fax the forms to your child’s doctor to get their signature if needed. Please make sure the medication is not expired. If your child has an inhaler, it is recommended they use a spacer.

The health office can no longer be used for brushing teeth. 

Please make sure you have logged into your student’s parent portal to make sure all of the information is correct and update any health conditions.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Be well,

Tina Feuer RN,LSN
Linda Daly, Health Assistant