October News

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 14:01
We have had a fantastic month of school at Royal Oaks! The children are making new
friends, enjoying their subjects and their teachers, and learning the ROYAL expectations
of our building. I enjoyed visiting every classroom to share the district bullying and
weapon policies (Policies 514 and 501) as well as reading a fiction book about bullying.
The students learned that bullying is a repeated occurrence of something that makes
them feel sad/angry emotionally or physically. While talking about bullying, the students
and I came up with these strategies that could be done if they were ever bullied:
1) tell the person firmly to STOP, 2) tell a school staff member, 3) tell their parents/
guardians, 4) ignore it and walk away, 5) ask the person if they wanted to play with
them/work with them, 6) make a joke of it, and/or 7) form a Bully Blockers Club (2nd
grade book) and help each other stop the bullying.
October is Unity Month (National Bully Prevention month). On Monday, October 1, all
students participated in “Kindness in Chalk”. They wrote kindness messages with chalk
and drew pictures on our Royal Oaks sidewalks. October 24 is National Unity Day, and
we are asking for students and staff to wear orange to show the we are united about stopping
bullying. Check out the Unity Month 2018 in this newsletter for more information
about this month at Royal Oaks.
Every school in Minnesota is required to have five fire drills, five lockdown drills, and
one tornado drill every year. These drills are very important to be sure that our students/
staff know the procedures that we need to follow in case there truly was a fire, lockdown
situation, or a tornado.
Every child (and adult) needs to feel safe at Royal Oaks. By talking about bullying, following
the Board policy about weapons, and practicing intruder and fire drills we are
showing our focus and dedication to uphold safety at our school. Please contact me via email
(srisius@sowashco.org) or phone (651-425-4703) if you have questions/concerns.
Looking ahead…..Royal Oaks will have our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences November
13 and 15. These conferences are a very important time for you and your child’s teacher
to visit about your child’s progress so far this year, to share any concerns that the teacher
may have, and to hear your concerns/joys about the year so far. The conference sign-up
link will be available on our Royal Oaks website the end of October and in a future email.
We look forward to having you come to school and meet with your child’s teacher! Nonclassroom
teachers will also be available for you to visit with them, so please stop in their
rooms as well!
Our October Newsletter is filled with articles about what is happening at Royal Oaks this
month. This is a great way for us to share information with you about Royal Oaks Elementary
School. Thanks for reading our newsletter.
Have a great month!
Dr. Susan Risius
Royal Oaks Principal